• Northants welding supplies showroom

We are currently in the process of updating our online catalogue. If there is something you are after which you cannot find on our website, please contact us and we can help you. Thank you.

Thanks for visiting Northants Welding Supplies. We are based in Wellingborough, Northants and sell a variety of equipment for the welding industry; including: Welding Equipment, Plasma Cutting Equipment, Fume Extraction Equipment, Gas Welding Equipment, Health & Safety Equipment, Pipe Cutting & Prep Equipment, Metal Cutting Saws (Manual & Auto), BOC Cylinders (All Gasses), Welding Consumables, Abrasives & Cutting Discs, Engineering Tools, and Reconditioned Equipment.

Northants Welding Supplies also hire out a wide range of machinery to individual or trade customers. This includes: MIG Machines (170 – 500 amps), AC/DC TIG Machines (150 – 450 amps), Diesel Welder Generators (180 – 400 amps), Petrol Welder Generators (180 – 250 amps), Fume Extraction Equipment, Pipe Cutting Equipment (RA2/RA4/RA6/RA8), Plasma Cutting Equipment (up to 30mm cap), MMA Welding Equipment (150 – 500 amps), and Magnetic Drills (up to 75mm). For our full range, see our Hire List.

Northants Welding Supplies are able to service and/or repair most makes of welding/cutting equipment,we can perform P.A.T. Testing of Electrical Equipment, and can calibrate/validate equipment. We can also do EN ISO 5817 Weld Procedures (Butt/Fillet), BS EN 287 Coding, BS 4872 Part 1 Coding, and BS 4872 Part 2 Coding.